5 ways to incorporate the 2019 Sherwin Williams color of the year into your beach home

Sherwin Williams recently released its 2019 paint color of the year, and while it’s a beautiful mix of retro and modern, Cavern Clay might seem a little difficult to implement in your standard beach style home. However, its earthy tones are perfect for the beach! Pair it with a nice navy blue, and you’ll have a stunning modern color scheme that hints to the designs of the past. But, if you’re still scratching your head, here are five ways to implement Cavern Clay into your beach home:


Some of my favorite artists use a variation of Cavern Clay in many of their works. Melissa Payne Baker is a great example, and using a piece of art in your home is a great, easy way to give a nod to the 2019 Sherwin Williams Color of the Year.


Throw pillows are a perfect element that you can quickly change out as the seasons or your taste changes, so including a few Cavern Clay pillows in your 2019 decor will give your beach home a nice touch of unexpected warmth.


Look for rugs with Cavern Clay and a nice mix of blues. You can use the pairing to create a very inviting room. Pull from the other colors in the rug to gather inspiration for the colors of other items in the room.

Window Treatments

While changing out all your window treatments to solid Cavern Clay might be a bit much, adding a simple trim or pattern to an otherwise neutral color can add a simple hint of this beautiful warm color in your home.


Go bold by implementing Cavern Clay in a large way. I love the idea of using Cavern Clay outdoor furniture on a patio with a waterview. It will complement the colors of our beautiful Emerald Coast and give you a lovely outdoor space.

Cavern Clay really is a beautiful color for 2019, and you may even already have it featured in your home. But, if you don’t now is the time to implement it! If you’re still struggling to figure out how to change up the color scheme of your home, call me. I’d be happy to help with your next design project.



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